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Metal Art Gallery

Here are some of the item's I've made.

If you see something you like, just let me know. I can modify it to your preferences, including the finish, size and mounting options. Thanks for looking!

  • Trophy-2014
  • Buck-Faidley
    Buck with the name Faidley added. Copper and bronze patinas.
  • Butterfly Welcome Sign
    Available as a yard sign or as a wall mount sign. Patina finish.
  • Angel
    Flowerbed Angel. Patina finish.
  • 3D Layered Buck
  • 3D Layered Buck Mount
    3D Layered Buck Mount. Plates welded and used a quick rust solution for the finish.
  • Buggy-Welcome
  • Cross-Horseshoe
  • Cross-Layered
  • We Don't Call 911
    Bare steel, unfinished.
  • Mountain Scene
    After adding the patina finish.
  • Mountain Scene
    Before adding the patina finish.
  • I'd Rather Be Riding
  • Spare Tire Lock
    I made this for my Landcruiser. It prevents the spare tire from being removed.
  • Sundial - Ducks Unlimited
    This is a sundial I made for the local chapter of Ducks Unlimited.
  • Toyota-garage
  • Trophy
    Trophy I made for a local business.
  • Walleye Hunter
  • Welcome-dog
  • Buck-Laurel
    This is the Buck Fever sign modified for a customer.
  • Sun Dial - Patina
    This is a Sun Dial with a patina finish. The gnomon and face are latitude adjusted for the customers local time accuracy.
  • Jumping Bass - Smith
    Jumping Bass sign with SMITH added. Finished in a copper patina and flame coloring.
  • Christmas Bells
  • Buck Fever - Abigail
    Made for her first Buck Fever.
  • Girl with Horse - Emily
    A Girl with Horse sign and name added. Patina finish.
  • Hummingbird Welcome Sign
    Hummingbird Welcome Sign finished with patinas and metal dyes.
  • Two Man Saw - Welcome
    Two Man Saw with Bear Scene. 36" wide. Patina and metal dyes were used for the coloring.
  • 1930 Ford
    Step emblem made for a customers 1930 Ford.
  • Flowers
    Flowers with a basic patina finish.
  • Army Crest
    United States Army Crest with a flat OD Green finish.
  • Bar Light - View 1
    Custom made Bar Light for a customer. I'm waiting on a photo of the light mounted above his bar. This photo was taken before the jug and mason jars were added.
  • Bar Light - View 2
    Enfd view of the bar light test fitting the jug.
  • Barn Star
    Barn Star- 24" diameter. Patina finish.
  • Believe
    Believe - A layered sign made for a customers wishing well.
  • Bensons BBQ
    Custom sign made for a customer in Florida.
  • Betty Boop
    Betty Boop and CocaCola sign made as a gift. Red painted finish.
  • Butterfly Welcome Yard Sign
    Butterfly Welcome Yard Sign. White painted finish.
  • Drive
    Sign made for a local band.
  • Buck Sign
    Buck Sign. Patina finish.
  • Buck Fever
    Buck Fever sign with a patina finish.
  • Cabin
    Cabin scene. Black paint finish. Just trying my hand out on some detailed cuts.
  • Candy Cane
    Candy Cane. Just something I made over the holidays.
  • Deer - Haer
    Deer Scene - Added HAER for a customer.
  • Deer - Schrock
    Deer Scene - Added SHROCK for a customer.
  • Dragonfly Welcome Yard Sign
    Dragonfly Welcome Yard Sign. Painted white. I can add any insect or animal.
  • We Don't Dial 911
    We Don't Dial 911 - This has been a popular seller. I've done them with shotguns (shown), M16s, Rem700 and a baseball bat for a new father.
  • Ducks n Dogs
    Ducks n Dogs Sign with patina finish.
  • Eagle-with-catch
    This is an Eagle that I cut. I finished it with patinas and metal dyes. Approx. 36" tall.
  • Eagle with Fish
    Eagle with Fish sign. Patina finish.
  • Eiffel Tower
    Eiffel Tower I made for a customer. Black paint finish.
  • Elvis
    Elvis sign I made as a gift.
  • Fighting Irish
    Fighting Irish grave marker I made for a friends father.
  • Flying Ducks
    Flying Ducks sign.
  • Jumping Fish
    Jumping Fish sign with patina finish.
  • Graceland Gate - Elvis
    Graceland Gate - Elvis. Another gift I made.
  • Grams Garden
    Grams Garden yard stake made for a customer.
  • H-SNB
  • Heart
  • HitchCover
  • Horse-Blue
  • HouseNumbers
  • Hummingbird-wlk
  • JDeere
  • Kecia Comparison
  • Landin
  • LastSupper
  • LDP25 UnderConstruction
  • ManCave2
  • Mc-santa
  • Merrychristmas-snowflake
  • MerryChristmas
  • MillerHF-Lite1
  • MountainScene Patina
  • NRA-Logo
  • OM-C
  • OWL
  • OwlLG
  • POW-MIA Black
  • Prot 2nd Amendment
  • Pyle-saw
  • Rory
  • Sd5
  • SMW LayeredLogo
  • SoccerGirlUnfinished
  • Stampede
  • Sun Hummingbird Patina
  • Thanksgiving
  • Tiki
  • TKY
  • TobAlley BCHolder
  • TreeOfLife Patina
  • Trees Wagner
  • TwoManSaw Millers
  • TwoManSaw Pletchers3
  • W-HX
  • Business Card Holder
    This is a card holder I did for Tobacco Alley at Somerset Candy.
  • OM-C
  • Welcome Horse Yard
  • WHS
  • Wil1
  • WineHolder
  • WineHolder2
  • Wine Wedding
  • YarnSmith